History of HCG

Pacific Wellness Group was founded in 1997, by Dr. Michael Margolies. It was created as a result of Dr. Margolies’ observation’s surrounding the different types of weight loss plans that were being offered at that time. Dr. Margolies observed that the plans that were designed for patients to lose weight slowly and over a long term, incurred the highest dropout rate. Conversely, the most effective weight loss plans were the ones which helped patients see more immediate results. The plans that produced the fastest results motivated patients to continue with their diet. This unique insight provided the impetus for Pacific Wellness Group. Fast forward 10 years: After successfully treating thousands of patients, Dr. Margolies discovered that a British physician named Dr. A. T. W.  Simeons had used HCG to achieve tremendous successes in weight loss with his patients. Dr Margolies decided to offer Dr. Simeon’s HCG diet program, in addition to the other proprietary weight loss plans, which are still offered at Pacific Wellness Group. Pacific Wellness Group is staffed by a caring team of health care professionals.  

Our staff includes nutritionists, medical assistants, and weight loss physicians who are their to oversee all of our patients care from day one.  


Our Mission:

To give our patients the ability to lose any and all desired weight with confidence and in as efficient a way as possible. After our program is over, we offer patients the tools and support necessary to keep extra pounds from coming back.

Our Philosophy:

Pacific Wellness Group is in the business of providing people with a diet that they are able commit to. There is one crucial component that Pacific Wellness Group offers its patients that sets their plans apart from traditional diet plans. They can see results after the first few days. When patients can see results immediately, it’s easier for them to follow through with their diet. Studies have shown that the best way to get out of a rut is with a quick positive boost. Our diet plans maintain some of the highest sustained weight loss success rates in the industry. Overweight people that have tried other diets have tried and tried, but have got burnt out and gave up. Let Pacific Wellness Group put you back on track. Don’t burn out - try Pacific Wellness Group.
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